Huge $788,400 Three-Way All-in Pot on Hustler Casino Live Shocks Viewers

May 4, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Mariano Grandoli experienced what will be one of the most memorable hands of his poker career on Hustler Casino Live, earlier this month. Looking down at pocket aces, he was probably mildly excited at the prospect of taking down a decent size pot. But what happened next shocked everybody as every poker player’s dream situation unfolded.

Sitting deep, Grandoli found himself in a pot with two other players who both held pocket kings and were equally keen to get the money in.

And this is exactly what happened with the YouTuber scooping a tasty pot of $788,400 in the $100-$200-$400 NL game.

Insane Hand

The hand kicked off with a raise by ‘Double M’ to $1,000 from UTG with KhKd. There were two callers and then ‘Yang’ three-bet to $6,000 on the button with KsKc.

It folded to Mariano in the straddle with his aces and he four-bet to $16,000. Double M flat called.. The callers pitched their weak holdings and Yang five-bet to $55,000.

Mariano then decided to slowplay hoping for Double M to shove, which is exactly what happened for a total bet of $259,800.

There was then a discussion involving Mariano where he let his opponents know he did indeed have pocket rockets but Yang could not understand given the language barrier. And so Yang, missing this information, couldn’t get away from his hand and shoved his chips into the middle.

Mariano, now getting excited, asked to run it twice even though he was a 97% favourite. No doubt he was already aware of the exact size of the huge pot and couldn’t face losing it to some ridiculous run out.

The poker gods didn’t offer any help to Yang and Double M and Mariano scooped the $788K pot making him now the game’s second biggest winner ever just behind Garrett Adelstein.

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