Elevating the Stakes: ACR Poker Announces The Cage Live 2024 - Unveiling the Ultimate Poker Experience in San Jose!

February 27, 2024
Nenad Nikolic

The successful reintroduction of The Cage Live by ACR Poker last summer in San Jose, Costa Rica, has solidified its status as a permanent fixture in the lineup of their live poker festivals.

The mechanics of The Cage Live are as follows: Players engage in a direct buy-in for $5,250, receiving an initial allocation of 5,000 chips. The tournament structure features escalating blinds, mirroring the progression observed in conventional poker tournaments.

Unique to this event is the restriction of a singular entry per participant on each day 1. However, players are afforded the opportunity to partake in multiple day 1 flights, consolidating their chip stacks for day 2. All participants accumulating chips on day 1 are obligated to participate in the ensuing day 2 proceedings.

Functioning as a time-based tournament, participants liquidate their chip holdings at the conclusion of day 2, with each chip representing its equivalent cash value. For instance, a participant possessing 25,000 in chips would realize a corresponding monetary reward of $25,000. Importantly, participants are precluded from cashing out until the culmination of day 2.

The forthcoming iteration of The Cage Live is scheduled to transpire from Wednesday, April 3, to Sunday, April 6. Anticipate an early arrival on Tuesday, April 2, for an opportunity to engage with ACR Pros and staff. Notably, participants can secure an $8,700 package online, facilitating participation in this multi-day event distinguished by the escalating cash game dynamics as blinds ascend to elevated stakes.

An exclusive offering is the assurance of 20 packages, each valued at $8,700, via the Sunday Beast and Sit & Crush tournaments, constituting a cumulative value of $174,000. Attainment of a complimentary seat is achievable through performance on the weekly leaderboards, or alternatively, via participation in freerolls and $11 Super Satellites.

Comprehensive inclusions within the $8,700 package encompass a day 1 entry ($5,250 value), $800 allocated for airfare, $1,000 disbursed as spending money, $400 designated for cash games within Costa Rica, a five-night double occupancy accommodation (April 2-7) at the Sheraton Hotel in San Jose, inclusive of airport transportation and complimentary breakfast.
This opportunity is not to be overlooked – ensure your presence at The Cage Live.

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