Alan Keating Scoops $1,158,000 Pot, Biggest Ever in US Livestream History

December 23, 2022
Charles Rettmuller

High stakes cash game action at Hustler Casino Live set a new record recently when Alan Keating fearlessly made a call that secured a massive $1,158,000 pot.

With ice water in his veins - and a king-high flush - Keating won the largest pot ever in USA broadcast history. The previous record was held by Tom Dwan, who scored a $1,108,500 million pot versus Phil Ivey on the Full Tilt Million Dollar Cash Game in 2010.

Smashing Records

The stakes at HCL for the record-breaking hand were $200/$400/$800/$1,600 and player stacks were deep. A player known as "Handz" raised pre-flop to $9,000 while holding As-7h. He received calls from Ben Lee (8c-5c), Eric Persson (Ad-Jh), and Keating (Ks-2s).

The flop revealed 6s-10s-5d and a bet of $25K from Handz saw folds from Lee and Persson, while Keating called. The 4d on the turn resulted in a check from Keating and a $70,000 bet from the aggressor. Keating made the call, boosting the pot to $227,000.

The dealer turned the 7s on the river, Keating hitting his king-high flush and giving Handz a pair of sevens along with his nut flush blocker. Keating decided to bet $155,000 in hopes of avoiding a check from Handz if he was to lead with a check.

Handz counted Keating's chips and shoved all-in, covering the $309K in chips that Alan had remaining. Keating, with his Ks-2s, was wary of losing to an ace-high flush - or perhaps even a straight flush - on the board of 6s-10s-5d-4d-7s.

"I should be happy," Keating said, after giving the situation some thought. Roughly two 2 minutes after Handz went all-in, Keating made the call and took down the huge, record-breaking pot.

Keating gave Handz a respectful fist bump for his play. It was a bold move, and one that was applauded by Keating in an interview following the game.

“I loved his shove," Keating said. "I mean, with the ace, pretty awesome move. Respect it. Maybe if I had a smaller flush, I fold, but yeah, it was a good hand.”

Watch the hand in its entirety below:

The largest televised cash game pot worldwide occurred in 2018 at Triton Poker’s Jeju Cash Game. Paul Phua won roughly $2.4 million USD versus Tom Dwan.

Here's a post-game interview with Alan Keating after his big score:

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