$1,000,000 Buy-in Cash Game Tonight on Hustler Casino Live

May 26, 2023
Mark Patrickson

The long-awaited $1 million buy-in cash game on Hustler Casino Live finally kicks off tonight! The action is expected to run for five days with many recognisable characters from the game taking part.

  • $500/1K + $1K BB ante
  • $6K stand-up game every 2 hours
  • $500K minimum reload
  • Streaming 10+ hours each day

Friday Lineup

  • Charles
  • Stanley Tang
  • “Blank Check” Ben
  • Brandon Steven
  • Rob Yong
  • JRB
  • Tony G

The lineup for Friday night’s opening session looks like we should see plenty of action right from the get go. Legend of the game Tony G apparently agreed to come, then pulled out, then changed his mind and arrived only hours ago to prepare for the challenge.

Other Players in the $1 Million buy-in Cash Game

The remaining lineup for the $1 million buy-in cash game is full of players who will guarantee the viewers plenty of entertainment.

Sadly, though, one character who many were looking forward to seeing will no longer be coming. Mikki Mase pulled out, citing a breach of previously agreed upon terms.

  • Nik Airball
  • Ethan “Rampage” Yau
  • Doug Polk
  • Wesley Flan
  • Tony Shen
  • Handz
  • Huss
  • Liron
  • Bobo

It’s also not too late for any more of poker’s stars to shout out for a seat over the next five days. It’s unlikely that there won’t be at least a couple of players who get hit hard and lose their appetite for the massive stakes.

Check out the video below where Hustler Casino Live founders Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci chat with Doug Polk about how the idea for this game came about.

$2000 Bonus
30% Rakeback
$2000 Deposit Bonus