UK Gaming Sector to Introduce AI-generated Age Verification in Battle Against Fake IDs

November 30, 2022
Andrew Burnett

The UK’s gaming industry will soon be using AI-generated age-profiling software to battle underage gambling with in-built cameras capable of up to 99.65% accuracy in determining how old a player is!

Regal Gaming Technologies are set to roll out new machines that utilise British firm Yoti’s newest AI-generated software, which they claim is accurate to within 18 months for those between 13 and 19 years of age.

Not only that, but the sophisticated camera system is also 99.65% accurate in telling whether or not someone is under the age of 23, and doesn’t require cross-checking with databases to do so.

The digital age verification system is described as an “integrated solution that helps people prove their age in two privacy-preserving ways.”

Yoti facial age estimation – before playing the machine, the patron has to have their photo taken by an in-built camera, with the connected software estimating their age.

According to, “This privacy-preserving and inclusive approach doesn’t require any personal details or ID documents, and all images are instantly deleted once someone receives their estimated age.”

Digital ID app – The second approach allows individuals to use the free Yoti app to scan a QR code on the gaming machine and share a verified ‘over 18’ attribute.

The Yoti invention not only reduces the risk of fake or fraudulent ID documents being used, but also relieves pressure on staff, who can often become involved in confrontations when checking/rejecting IDs.

Merkur's Regal Gaming Technologies operates roughly 15,000 machines across the UK, supplying chains including Wetherspoons and Greene King.

RGT’s Managing Director Finance and Commercial, Andrew Bell, of said: “As a business, we’re committed to providing a complete range of gaming solutions to our pub and AGC customers, and we are pleased to be partnering with Yoti to provide a market-leading age verification solution in our Digital Gaming Machines.

With the main focus initially on pub-based slot machines, Bell explains: “Modern pubs are busy, fast-paced working environments and integrating Yoti’s solution into our machines to assist site staff with age verification is a great way to tackle underage gambling. It’s fast, accurate and highly efficient.”

Robin Tombs, CEO of Yoti stated: “We are committed to using our tech for good, in particular how we can help protect against anyone underage accessing age restricted leisure activities or online content.

He added: “We’re delighted to be working with Regal Gaming Technologies to prevent underage play and create age appropriate experiences. Our innovative age estimation technology and free Yoti app allows adults to easily prove their age in a private and secure way, only sharing the fact that they are over 18.”

Beyond the gaming sector, Instagram also plans to introduce Yoti’s software “by the end of the year” to verify whether underage users in the UK are trying to change their age on their app. It is also being tested at supermarket checkouts.

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