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Top 5 Full Tilt Poker Hands

December 24, 2021

Before Black Friday, Full Tilt Poker used to be one of the largest online poker rooms in the early 2000s. It ran all types of games attracting players from recreational to professionals,micro-stakes to high-stakes. Not only did players log in to their accounts to play, but they also watched their favorite players go back and forth trading money in massive pots.

Its glory days are over, but Full Tilt Poker has some of the most memorable hands in online poker history.

1.Viktor Blom vs Patrik Antonius ($1,356,947)

Patrik Antonius and Viktor Blom, the infamous ‘Isildur1’, battled in PLO back in the days, and their colossal pots were nothing short of intriguing. To date, they still hold the record of the biggest pot ever in online poker.

On 21st November 2009, in PLO at $500/$1000 stakes, the action unfolded preflop with Blom raising to $3,000.It was followed by Antonius three-bet to $9,000,four-bet to $27,000 and five-bet to $81,000.

The flop came 4♠5♣2♥ Antonius led for $90,000, Blom raised to $435,000, Antonius went all-in, and Blom called the remainder of his $163,000 stack.

The turn came 5♥ and river 9♣, Blom turned over 9♠8♥7♦6♦ lost the pot, while Antonius won the pot with a straight A♥K♥K♠3♠ scooping a staggering $1,356,947 pot.

2.Phil Ivey vs Viktor Blom ($1,127,955)

PLO heads-up table, stakes $500/$1000, Phil Ivey with a $563,977 stack, and Blom with $638,457. The action started with a $3,000 raise from Ivey, Blom re-raised to $9,000 and Ivey four-bets to $27,000, which Blom snap-called.

The flop read J♠K♠J♦, both players checked the flop, the turn card was 10♦ and Ivey led with a $41,000 bet and Blom raised to $177,000 and Ivey called. The river card was 5♦, Ivey checked, and Blom bet $408,000, and Ivey called his remaining $359,977 stack. Blom won the pot with a full house with his K♦K♣5♥4♦.

Upon losing the pot, Ivey mucked his cards, and no one knew what hand he held.

3.Patrik Antonius vs Viktor Blom ($878,959)

Antonius and Blom ‘Isildur1’ traded massive pots back and forth in PLO games, and it’s no coincidence that they feature extensively in top online poker pots.

At $500/$1000 stakes, Blom raised to $3,000, and Antonius called. The flop came 5♥7♥Q♠ Antonius checked, and Blom made a continuation-bet of $5,000. Antonius check-raised to $21,000, and Blom called.

The turn card was A♦ and Antonius led for $48,000. Blom raised to $192,000 while Antonius went all-in for $416,479, Blom called. The river card was 8♦ and Antonius connected a straight with A♥Q♣9♠6♥ scooping a whopping $878,959 pot. Blom who held A♠K♠Q♦10♥ lost despite being a slight favorite on the turn and a 62.5% chance of a split pot.

4. Phil Ivey vs Viktor Blom ($832,940)

A familiar narrative of Blom getting involved in almost all the hands that had massive pots.

PLO heads-up table, stakes $500,$1,000 there was back and forth action that generated $54,000 before the flop, the flop was A♣6♣4♦. Ivey checked while Blom bet $42,000, Ivey check-raised to $180,000. Blom jammed his stack of $389,470, and Ivey called.

The turn card was J♦ and river card K♣, Ivey made a flush with A♠Q♣7♠3♣ bagging an $832,940 pot. Blom lost with 6♥6♦3♠3♥.

5. Viktor Blom vs Phil Ivey ($827,960)

Surprisingly they played this hand 90 minutes before the one featured above, stakes $500/$1000 PLO, Ivey raised $3,000 and Blom three-bet to $9,000, and Ivey called. The flop came 9♠2♥6♠ Blom bets $15,000, and Ivey calls, the turn card was 8♦. Blom bets $42,000, and Ivey raised to $157,000, Blom jammed his $389,000 stack, and Ivey calls the river card came 7♣ and Blom connected a straight despite being the underdog with Q♥J♥10♦9♣. Ivey lost with 10♣8♣7♠3♠ holding.

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