Sean Perry Refuses Chop for $9.3 Million in Circa Survivor Competition

December 29, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Sean Perry has made headlines for his audacious decision to refuse a chop" deal in the Circa Survivor contest, a popular sports betting competition with a prize pool of $9.3 million.

Perry, a successful high-stakes poker player, was confident in his edge and declined the offer which would have guaranteed him $400,000.

A regular on the high-stakes poker circuit, Perry has amassed over $6 million in lifetime cashes from live tournaments. He is the son of Ralph Perry, a WSOP bracelet winner, and has himself won numerous high-profile tournaments, including the PokerGO Cup Finale for $640,000.

Despite his success in the poker world, Perry's decision to refuse the chop was seen as a bold move, even for a man calling himself the greatest sports bettor in the world.

The Circa Survivor contest is a winner-take-all competition where participants pick one winner of an NFL game every week.

If their chosen team wins, they move on to the next week. If their team loses, they are eliminated from the contest.

Perry's refusal to make a deal came when there were 13 players left in the contest. He was the only one among them who declined the chop, stating:

"With all respect, I’m the best bettor in the world. There’s no way I’m ever chopping.

“Why would I chop when I have an edge? If you do $400K each, any money I take out of the prize pool is money I’m, in theory, losing because I have an edge.

“I believe I have the best team left, and I’m confident in my ability. This is what I do. I’m a big-time crusher. I’ve been the biggest winner in sports for the longest time.”

Perry's confidence, however, did not pay off. He was eliminated from the contest after his pick, the Denver Broncos, lost 26-23 on a last-minute field goal by the New England Patriots. His elimination meant that he left the competition with no share of the prize money, despite his deep run.

Josh Arieh Fires Shots

Josh Arieh was one guy who looked happy to see Perry dip out with nothing from the event. Posting on X/Twitter, he wrote a scathing report on Perry’s character.

He wrote that Perry once accused him of voiding Powerball ticket sales and then backed out of the group without paying his share.

The tweet above relays an older story of a daily fantasy sports alleged scam he was accused of being involved in.

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