Nik Airball $8,000,000 in the Red?

September 17, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Hustler Casino Live regular Nikhil "Nik Airball" Arcot has revealed that he is around $8 million in the red after a prolonged downswing. The controversial character appeared on The Nick Vertucci show and delved into various relationships, including that with the game itself.

No sooner had the interview kicked off, Nick Vertucci was straight into the big questions: how much money had Nik Airball lost in his recent downswing?

Airball was more than happy to elaborate and told Vertucci that it was around $8,000,000. When asked, he also confirmed that this was almost all money he had made from poker, rather than from his stash which he made via other means which are still unclear.

Wherever his bankroll came from, it was clear that the eye-watering loss wasn’t bothering him too much.

Vertucci pressed him for some more details but Airball declined to give much away.

"I can't buy that you have or had a bankroll of $20 or $30 million. Would I be right saying that?"

Airball answered with a firm “no”.

Tougher emotionally than financially

Nik Airball appears to be mentally tough given some of the losses we have seen him suffer. He said that it’s not really about the money but rather the emotional pain of losing.

He also said that it’s not been as much fun playing when he feels that he’s not going to win and can never make the right decision.

The $1 million loss to Matt Berkey was a low point which must have stung a lot after the heated online spat reached a high level.

Airball confirmed that the loss hurt emotionally but tells Vertucci that he still thinks it was “a fine spot2 to take on Matt Berkey who’s been around the scene for 20 years.

"I felt confident that by the end of the match, I was winning in theory against him even though I lost so much."

As if this wasn’t hurtful enough, Airball also lost another $1 million in the Hustler Casino Live $1 million buy-in cash game.

All in all, whatever the fans think about Airball’s ability as a poker player, you have to admire his courage to take on the players that he does. Even if he is wealthier than expected, the huge losses would mentally cripple most players in that position and yet he seems unperturbed and always ready for the next challenge.

Make sure to watch the full interview above where you will also hear who Airball’s latest feud is brewing with.

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