Mars Issues Statement Denying Cheating Allegations

December 8, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Hustler Casino Live reg Mars has responded to the cheating allegations made by Nik Airball and Wesley Fei.

Mars was recently accused of bringing a UV-marked deck to a high-stakes private game that could be read by using special contact lenses.

Mars issued a statement to PokerNews denying that any cheating took place in the game at Yorba Linda, California.

"I'm writing this statement to set the record straight on some false accusations that personally damaged my reputation.

“I have won and lost huge amounts numerous times in my poker career, but I have never cheated in a game, and I have always paid when I lost."

The crucial part of the statement was a denial of ever having brought the deck in the first place. Mars was confronted about this at the Formula One race weekend in Las Vegas but he said he had nothing to do with organising any equipment or dealers.

"Regarding the dealers, these are baseless accusations, moreover I'm not in charge of hiring any staff."

He did admit that there was a conversation about bringing cards from Yorba Linda when he was asked to bring a dealer, but the venue ended up being Yorba Linda anyway and so no organisation was done on his part.

He added that there were already six or seven people playing at the game when he arrived, and so how could he have switched any equipment?

Three weeks after the game took place, Mars said he was contacted by one of the players named Sun who had returned to China.

Sun made a full admission, explaining it was because he was losing a lot of money in recent sessions.

After this phone call, Mars went directly to the owner of the house in Yorba Linda and told them what happened with two witnesses present.

Defending himself, Mars claims this is all a charade from Wesley who is broke after losing a small fortune in private games.

He says Wesley’s entire lifestyle portrayal is a fabrication.

"He constantly posts pictures of himself on social media with super luxury cars, mansions, and 400k suites at Caesars Palace. None of these assets are his, they all belong to our mutual friend, and Wesley lies to everyone to portray a certain image."

The statement ended:

"Wesley is broke, desperate, and tries to not pay the money he owes me.

"He's trying to poison the mind of anybody that will listen. All of these are confirmed facts, and not baseless accusations."

Brownballa and Blank Check Ben Have Their Say

Initially, the story was all coming from Nik Airball and Wesley Fei, but now high-stakes reg Brownballa and Blank Check Ben, who we see on Hustler Casino Live a lot, have also had their say.

Brownballa specifically homed in on suspicious hands where a supposedly tight VIP player was dumping off large pots to him. He seems convinced something was amiss here.

“Mars defending himself by denying the allegations and trying to defame Wes in return leaves an extremely bad taste in my mouth. We all considered Mars our friend and this entire situation is very disheartening.”

When asked why the whale wouldn’t just hand the money over after the game, Brownballa said:

“Naw because then we would all think how does this guy that's playing so crazy win every hand he vpips and win so much. But since he won so much then dusted it back it made more sense that he was just a whale.”

Wesley Fei Accuses Mars of Sending Death Threats

But it all doesn’t end there. We thought that with a pair of contradicting stories, everything might meet a stalemate in the middle for some time before one of the involved parties revealed some new evidence.

Not so. Last night, Wesley tweeted a claim that Mars phoned him and admitted the scam, threatening him with mafia hitmen. He also said that he has a phone recording, although it is in Chinese so he didn’t post it publicly.

"if I die because of this, it's fine. At least I'm doing the right thing. I destroyed a international fraud syndicate. Mars said they have bigger game to cheat, so I'm cutting off cheaters means of livelihood, but I'm doing the right thing! I believe Justice!

“I give up to ask 3.1million back and expose the international cheating syndicate risking my life too, but I'm doing the right thing. They can never cheat anymore. U cheaters, come and try to kill me.”

Watch this space to hear whatever comes up next.

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