Luke '__FullFlush1__' Schwartz's Top 5 Online Cash Game Pots

November 9, 2023
James Currie

Luke Schwartz is a real character of the game. The loud mouth Brit is known from the old days of TV poker and is still turning it on today. Previously known as a NL cash player, he has also performed in tournaments featuring stars of the game and now plys his trade in the mixed games arena.

Here are his top five hands from the database.

#1 - durrrr - $500/$1,000 PLO

Schwartz is dealt Ah 5c kh 8c. Schwartz limps, Patrik Antonius limps, Phil Galfond limps, and durrrr raises to $5,000. Schwartz calls, Patrik Antonius calls and Galfond folds.

The flop comes 6d 3h kc. durrrr checks, Schwartz bets $14,000, Antonius folds and durrr calls.

The turn is the 9c. durrrr checks and Schwartz checks behind.

The river is the 7d. durrrr bets $29,400 and Schwartz jams. durrrr calls

Schwartz wins a $289.088 pot.

#2 - durrrr - $200/$400 NL

Schwartz is dealt 2c Kc. Schwartz raises to $1,200 and durrrr 3 bets to $3,600. Schwartz calls.

The flop comes 6c Ts Kh. durrrr leads out for $4,800 and Schwartz calls.

The turn is the Jc giving durrrr the nut straight. durrr bets again for $12,200 and Schwartz calls.

The river is the 8c giving Schwartz a flush. Durrrr checks and Schwartz bets $26,800. Durrrr now jams and Schwartz calls it off with the second nuts winning a $1450,090.50 pot.

#3 - martonas - $200/$400 NL

Schwartz is dealt 7h 9h. martonas raises to $1,200 and Schwartz 3 bets to $4,400. martonas calls.

The flop comes 9s 3d 7s. Schwartz checks and martonas bets $5,800. Schwartz raises to $19,600 and martonas jams. Schwartz calls.

The turn and river are the 2d and Kh. martonas flips over Qs 5s for a missed flush draw and Schwartz picks up a $157,580 pot.

#4 - tsarrast- $500/$1,000 PLO

Schwartz limps with Kc Qd 9d As, Erik Seidel limps and HarrisMP raises to $5,500. tsarrast calls in the big blind, Schwartz and Seidel also call.

The flop comes 3s 5s 9s. Tsarrast leads out for $15,000 and Schwartz raises to $31,000 with his nut flush blocker. Everyone else folds.

The turn is the 2s. tsarrast checks and Schwartz bets . tsarrast calls

The river is the Qs and tsarrast checks once again and Schwartz fires the third barrel with his blocker. tsarrast folds.

A great bluff from Schwartz and he picks up a $194,719.50 pot.

#5 - Gus Hansen - $500/$1,000 PLO

Schwartz is dealt 2s 8c Tc 5c. Schwartz min raises to $2,000 and Gus Hansen calls.

The flop is Ts 2c 3c. Hansen donks out for $3,000 and Schwartz raises to $13,000. Hansen jams and Schwartz calls.

The turn and river are Qd 8d. Hansen flips over 3s Td Ah 7c showing he had a better two pair on the flop but the 8 counterfeited him.

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