Justin Bonomo Causes Mayhem with Political Tweets

November 14, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Justin Bonomo has caused one of the biggest Twitter storms in recent months with a series of political tweets.

The American is known for his left-leaning progressive views but many feel he has overstepped the mark in the last week or so.

Bryan Micon set off the storm after screenshotting a couple of tweets from Bonomo where he stated quite clearly that he thinks Hamas had no other options than to murder 1,400 innocent Israeli civilians.

Doug Polk led a slew of replies indicating nothing but disgust for Bonomo’s stance.

“This is one of the worst things I've ever seen someone in poker post online. Absolutely unbelievable that we have high stakes poker players out here explaining why murdering 1400 people was the only option. Then to end it with ‘there was only one rape’... Disgusting”

Bonomo’s response didn’t really buy him any respect. The damage was already done.

Jason Mo was close to pleading with Bonomo to refrain from such speeches on X/Twitter given the usual reaction.

“Hey Justin, big fan here. Just think maybe twitter isn’t a productive use of your time anymore, doesn’t really matter if you are right or wrong you aren’t changing the opinions of any of the people you are clashing with nor is it making much positive impact in the real world.”

Alex “Thallo” Epstein was another well-known player who couldn’t believe the level of discourse on the subject.

“It’s truly remarkable how far people go to make excuses for Hamas and shift the blame to Israel. It’s almost like you’d have to have a deep hatred for the people. If only there was a word for that.”

Nor could this poster who really deserves the final say on how political discussion on X/Twitter usually goes.

“Poker twitter on both sides discusses politics at a 5th grade level lol. Bringing absolutely nothing to the conversation just a bunch of bad faith interpretations and surface level understanding of the situation.”

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