Is Robbi Jade Lew Returning to Hustler Casino Live?

January 5, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Robbi Jade Lew has been cleared of any wrongdoing at Hustler Casino Live three months after that infamous “J4o” hand took place.

Of course there will be some who will refuse to accept the findings of the investigation but the coast is clear for her to make a return to one of the most popular poker shows running today. The question is: will she want to?

In the days prior to the investigation results being made public, Lew spoke to PokerNews and indicated that she would like to make a return.

"I hope to be back. We're in the process of working through things. The investigation needs to clear, I think it's getting there, it needs to get there. So, you'll be seeing me."

Hustler Casino Live Investigation Findings

The investigation was carried out by “cybersecurity firm Bulletproof, a GLI Company, to conduct an audit of HSPP livestream operations, procedures, equipment and vulnerabilities, and to search for any evidence of wrongdoing in the Sept. 29 hand.”

Hustler Casino Live co-owners Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman retained the firm in the hope that it would provide a fully independent report and put the controversy to bed once and for all. If transgressions and security flaws were found then so be it, but full transparency was to be the order of the day.

Naturally, such a company would focus on the technology side of Hustler Casino Live’s setup and although it did find some potentially critical issues with security, no conclusive evidence of cheating was found from any hand played during the September 29.

Bulletproof examined the following areas:

  • Table
  • RFID
  • Card Shuffler
  • Production Booth and Operations
  • Network, PC Workstations, And Systems
  • Communications

In total, seven IT-related security flaws were highlighted.

  1. All non-streaming machines are connected to a private network that has no internet access but can be joined to the wireless network by the logged in user.
  2. The user and password are shared amongst staff and staff has full administrator access to the system.
  3. The antivirus license is expired.
  4. No tracking of users, actions, and internet access stored in a log file.
  5. The System BIOS is not password protected.
  6. No website tracking or user access control is utilized.
  7. Non-commercial grade network gear and router used lacks features for network security, segmentation, and logging.

Human factors were also brought to the attention of High Stakes Poker Productions. For example, the production team had access to the player’s hole cards in real time. Now, a wall and door have been installed blocking access to this information from all except the show’s director. Player’s must also place all personal items into a signal-blocking bag during filming and will be wanded with a metal detector whenever they enter the playing room.

Another change, one which will be impossible to police, is players will have to sign a document acknowledging that they don’t have any financial investment in any of the players. Lew, we learned after that night, was backed by Jacob “RIP” Chavez creating an appearance of possible collusion.

Business as Usual?

Following the Hustler Casino Live press release, all eyes were squarely focussed on Robbi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein. Could we see the pair of them at the same table once again?

Lew gave a personal statement to PokerNews.

"I had full faith and confidence in what the investigation would reveal and in Nick Vertucci, Ryan Feldman, and HCL regarding the thoroughness of the investigation that was undertaken. As you can imagine, I am relieved and looking forward to finally putting this behind me. I cannot stress enough how incredibly grateful I am to all of my supporters and friends worldwide who have stuck with me through this grueling process. You have all been my strength when I needed it most. I’m excited for the next chapter … and any positive changes this incident may implement in the gaming industry! Now it’s time to go play poker.”

As for Garrett Adelstein, we are yet to hear if he will accept that he wasn’t cheated but he did indicate that he might be back on Hustler Casino Live.

Even though this saga has cast a dark shadow on poker for the last three months, it has definitely brought poker into the eyes of a new audience, some of whom, no doubt, will have enjoyed the controversy and might join the community.

All we need now is to see Lew and Adelstein back on Hustler Casino Live and possibly even get that heads-up match organised. Fingers crossed!

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