Irish Research Explores Lucrative iGaming Markets

September 11, 2023

Building a Niche in a Saturated $260+ Bn Sector

According to projections by IBIS World, the global casino and online gambling market will nearly overcome the drop caused by the pandemic and exceed a size of $263 bn by the end of 2023, registering a 5.6% growth from 2022, and decreasing the negative 2018-2023 CAGR to -1.8%.

While the largest chunks of this vast market are distributed among the big, well developed, researched, regulated, and saturated economies of the world, a number of emerging markets also have sizable contributions to the overall volume of the global sector, as well as the potential to grow bigger and faster.

Online Gaming is Highly Competitive

The online vertical is split between a number of globally significant actors - the likes of Bet365 Group, 888 Holdings, Paddy Power, and GVC Holdings, and countless not so big players with local, regional, or global reach.

Irish-based ENV Media is one of the smaller fish carving an innovative niche for themselves in some of the most promising emerging casino, sportsbooks and online lottery markets of Asia and Latin America.

The tech company's data-driven research-based approach has already helped them build a solid presence in India through the SevenJackpots platform, and they are currently working on an expansion in The Americas with the upcoming online casino.

Competing with limited resources in a field where the war chests of other contenders might be larger than a mountain necessitates planning moves with lots of prior knowledge and great precision. And when information is scarce and obscure like it usually is in an emerging and unregulated market, it's best to do one's own research.

Building Dedicated Research Capabilities and Sharing with the World

Over the recent few years, ENV Media has built sound in-house research and analytic capabilities, concentrated in a dedicated department headed by experienced academic researcher Svilen Madjov.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the company's research-driven approach to market expansion is that they actually share their findings for free with the world as their contribution to helping these markets develop and grow in a sustainable way.

ENV Media has so far published more than 20 individual research papers and case studies on their corporate website, systematically uncovering the various specific aspects that shape localised player behaviour and exert key influence on two major emerging iGaming markets - India and Brazil.

The published body of research may be useful to other researchers, academics, and the general public, as well as to the whole industry, including even direct competitors to the Irish company, and is part of a global strive for building sustainability through transparency and responsible gaming.

The Dance of Culture and Tradition with Modern Global Trends in India

India might easily turn out to be the place of origin of gambling itself together with the majority of accompanying accessories like playing cards, dice, or even the chess board.

Navigating the online gambling space of a nation that has described the first games of chance a couple of millennia ago in their epic tales and has used the time since then to complicate everything with auspicious symbols, lucky charms, and religious implications, can be a tricky business.

During the last few decades since the introduction of online gambling, the global industry has been adapting to Indian players and adding cricket leagues and local card games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti to their offerings, while mobile-first Indian players have been adapting to the world's scene by following and embracing global trends, and then even leading them.

All of this has been dutifully covered and explained by the research department at ENV Media who have built a comprehensive picture of the whole labyrinth of Indian gambling and online gambling landscape in over 16 research papers and case study publications.

It's Not All Football in Brazil

Two thirds of Brazilians have gambled over the last year, and two thirds of those who have gambled have bet on some sports, in most cases - football. Nevertheless, the largest LATAM country has a rich historical tradition and culture related to gambling, that includes lottery, casino, and fantasy games besides sportsbooks.

The ENV Media department are still in the beginning of their explorative journey around the Brazilian gambling landscape, but have already overviewed the country's real gaming market, profiled the traits, motivations, and behaviours of Brazilian gamblers, and analysed the share of voice of the major gambling operators that work there in three publications.

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