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In Which US States Can You Play High Stakes On Your Mobile?

November 18, 2021

The relationship that exists between America and gambling is a tumultuous one, to say the least. It is not a stretch to say that the US has historically been opposed to gambling, as it was viewed by the early settlers to be an immoral activity. Despite this, the country has seen a more progressive attitude make its way into the public, and many states have already begun the process to start legalising gambling. The precedent has already been set by states such as New York and New Jersey, meaning that an America that has completely legalised gambling is not completely off the cards.

This may come as a surprise to those who live in Europe, where gambling is widely legal and practised by many. In America, the story is different, and the legality of gambling is not uniform countrywide, rather it depends on which state is in question. There is even more complication when it comes to what type of gambling is legal as although online gambling is a general term that covers most forms, states tend to make laws targeting specific categories within online gambling. For example, a state could allow people to play casino games but not allow them to bet on sports, despite both being able to come underneath the online gambling term.

Most people typically think of Nevada as being the go-to state for mobile gambling as it plays host to Nevada, a city that many will have a certain impression of due to popular culture. However, it may surprise some to learn that it is New Jersey, not Nevada that is currently the leader in the US online gambling sector. The revenue of this exceeds $225 million every year and has presented a clear opportunity for up-and-coming and also established operators to take advantage. The state has more than 14 licensed operators that are all regulated, giving players enormous choice when they decide to gamble.

New Jersey is not alone in this position though, as many more states offer people the opportunity to play online. These include Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and Michigan. All these states allow their residents to play games online, but none much the kind of heights that New Jersey has seen, clearly establishing the state as the king of online gambling in America.

Of course, other states offer some form of online gambling but do not offer a comprehensive selection. Indiana, Ohio, New Hampshire, Oregon, Colorado, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Montana, Illinois, and Washington D.C all allow players to place bets on sports online but restrict players from putting money on casino games or poker online. Players searching for the best mobile casinos USA will probably want to avoid these options. Even in Nevada, online sports betting and online poker are legal, but online casinos are not, despite it also being an online form of gambling. With Nevada though, this makes sense, as Las Vegas plays host to some of the best physical casinos in America.

It is clear that America is slowly moving towards full legalisation of gambling, but for now, New Jersey seems to be the best place to participate in online gambling.

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