How Much is Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates Worth?

November 11, 2021
Nikk Holland

The well known poker pro has been a staple in the high stakes scene for a decade now, but what is Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates actually worth?

He started his poker career playing 50NL online, but it wasn’t until he began playing in his local casino and losing money that he began to improve and become a winning player. He eventually began playing heads-up matches, and it was at this point Jungleman began employing a strategy called “reverse game selection.”

With this strategy, Jungleman was able to both sharpen his game as well as find and exploit the weaknesses of opponents at all stakes. He was able to beat his adversaries by making use of their own strategies.

Jungleman did not get good without putting in the work, however, and in a 2020 interview Cates explained the time he put into studying the game.

“I had loads of free I just played poker and tried to learn at it. I invested a lot of my time in that during that period. One important element (to success) would be to allocate a lot of time.”

Cates would lose a large portion of his bankroll to Viktor “isildur1” Blom around 2009 before restoring it. He eventually went on to face and beat many high-stakes regs including Tom Dwan in the Durrrr Challenge where he won over $1 million in 19,335 hands.

In fact, 2010 was a historic year for Jungleman who won over $5.5 million in 145,215 hands and was the biggest online poker winner for the year. He has gone on to have continued success in both tournaments and cash games.

In 2014, Jungleman exceeded $10 million in profits on Full Tilt Poker alone. His tournament career is also very impressive, notching multiple seven-figure scores and amassing over $9 million in tournament earnings. His two biggest wins came from the 2014 Super High Roller in Monte Carlo and a Super High Roller event in London.

Given his winnings, Jungleman’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. Jungleman attributes a big part of his success to money management.

“Personally I always just reinvested money back into poker,” Jungleman said in the same 2020 interview. “I didn’t splurge very much at all, and I think reinvesting the money is more long term profitable than cashing out and going crazy.”
The hard work, meticulous money management, and time investment have all paid off for Jungleman, who said he “feel(s) good” because it has given (him) a unique opportunity to “not have to work and do something (he) enjoys for a lot of money.”

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