Garrett Adelstein Returns to Poker at Bally Live Tonight

December 13, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Garrett Adelstein is making his return to high-stakes poker on Bally Live tonight. The American has been out of action for 15 long months and looks ready to put the Hustler Casino Live scandal behind him.

The tweet came out of the blue on December 2. After occasional posts over the last year connected to the infamous J4 hand against Robbi Jade Lew, Garrett Adelstein wrote that the fire inside him was once again burning for some competition.

“After not watching or playing a hand for over a year, recently my mindset has shifted: I miss the competition. I miss the strategy. I miss taking souls. I miss gambling—telling the dealer “1 time” vs my nitty pro opponents. I miss poker. And I’m ready to battle. DMs are open.”

Of course, we won’t be seeing Adelstein appearing on Hustler Casino Live anytime soon, but there was clearly a race on with the other options to get one of poker’s most recognisable characters onto their live-stream.

“Announcements for multiple stream appearances in the very near future coming ASAP! I don’t take for granted that I still play in big poker games partly because you all tune in. My drive to get back out there stems in large part because of all of your support! Now…LETS GET THEM!”

Joining Adelstein at the Tropicana Las Vegas studio will be poker legend Patrik Antonius and colourful character Eric Persson, a casino owner who has ruffled quite a few feathers at the high-stakes tables.

This should be a good warm up for a man who swears he hasn’t played a single hand since that fateful day last year.

But if this game isn’t exciting enough for the viewers, they might be happy to hear that Adelstein is heading over the the WPT World championship on Friday to play in the $1 Million Buy-in Game.

“Play 0 hands for over 14 months, then hop in $300/$600+ with @Andrew_Robl, what could go wrong? Damn it feels good to be back though! Catch you next Friday afternoon. Seems ill advised to miss this one.”

Watch Garrett Adelstein at Bally Live Poker Here

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