Ethan “Rampage” Yau Caught Multi-Accounting on ACR Poker

September 9, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Ethan “Rampage” Yau has admitted multi-accounting on ACR Poker. An X account named Paul Risman posted screenshots of Yau’s own tweets showing that he had access to two different ACR Poker accounts.

Rampage Thought He Was Doomswitched

Unusually for a poker player accused of doing wrong, Yau immediately admitted he had tdone wrong, claiming that he thought the original account was “doomswitched” after a poor run of 900 tournaments.

“I created rampagepoker in the early stages. After 900 straight downswing tournaments and thinking my account was doomswitched, I created a new username to test it out. Somehow found infinitely more success with ‘WoodenBat’ but have never played the tournament with both account”

Also unusually for poker players on social media, the majority of posters were satisfied with Yau’s explanation and made it clear that they didn’t think he was cheating in any way. Yau has good standing among his peers and there has never been any untoward allegations levelled at his character.

Phil Nagy tweeted to let everyone know his security team was checking the accounts out and he also let Yau know that he would not be looking to confiscate his funds “just trying to keep things fair.” He added, “Your money is your money”

It seems to be clear that the accounts were never logged into at the same time, which is the worst kind of offence. The only real mud that will stick from this is the fact that Yau will have had access to HUD stats on players who won’t have the same on him. This is a huge advantage at tables with good players.

Tom Dwan gave his opinion, saying what Yau did was “not cool” but still not bad enough to be called cheating. He even suggested extra rake be collected to hand out to players at the discretion of the site related to game integrity.

“Yell at him, figure out a way to fine him a little or something at most imo (this is why imo sites should take extra rake n give it back at their discretion only related to game integrity) Ppl who r losing making multiple accounts is diff than winners doing it. Both not cool.”

“Alex “Thallo” Epstein also supported Yau, implying that this kind of behaviour is more common than we think and we’ll have a lot of empty seats at the tables if we label those players as cheaters.

“Did you post this without even knowing if the accounts have ever played the same event? Bruh if you think anyone who’s changed an account name on a downswing is a cheater you are gonna have a whole lot of empty seats.”

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