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Daniel Negreanu Offers Fake Vax Card Holder $10K Lie Detector Test

January 5, 2022

Image courtesy of PokerGO.com

Daniel Negreanu brought in the New year in typical Twitter style, offering to answer any question for $10k – a nod to the $10k lie detector freeroll he offered Tim Reilly...

Negreanu stepped into the ongoing Twitter row over whether or not Tim Reilly used a fake vaccination card during the recent WSOP, something Reilly – a vocal anti-vaccine mandate critic, denies.

Notorious poker scumbag Nicholas ‘NickyP’ Palma had accused Reilly of being among a number of players who allegedly paid a CVS employee to fake their vaccination on the system, and thereby give them a ‘legitimate’ vaccination card.

Palma tweeted: “...@timreillypoker was never vaccinated and used a fake vax card to play wsop this year. It’s not fair to the rest of us who actually got vaxxed...”

Then ‘Jeopardy’ star and poker pro, Alex Jacob, stepped into the fight, calling Reilly out on the timing of his various tweets and claims.

“So @TimReillyPoker sent me a video of him pulling out his vax card. The date on it is 9/12/21, which doesn't seem to make sense w/ his thread from 10/7/21 about not being able to play bc he's not vaxed. Either that thread is one big lie or the card is fake.”

When Daniel Negreanu inserts himself into a twitter discussion, you know that it’s a) going to go viral and b) almost certain to involve highstakes wagers to get to the truth.

Negreanu took to the DATPoker podcast to explain how his initial $10k offer for Reilly to take a lie detector test was basically a freeroll for the Boston pro.

Reilly’s response to Dneg’s $10k lie detector offer was to state he’d “take one for free”, but only if Negreanu would answer one question, something that got the GGPoker ambassador very animated.

“Fire away! I’m not gay, I do have a big penis, I’ve never had a glory hole situation,” Negreanu listed, adding: “I’m not afraid!”

Too much information for some, but as Negreanu explained: “One of the luxuries of having money is that I can throw $10k at something to call a bullshitter on bullshit.”

Meanwhile, with the anti-vaxxer side comparing themselves to the likes of social activists Rosa Parks and Colin Kaepernick, Alex Jacob ran a Twitter poll, which showed how much support Alex Foxen had among Jacobs’ followers.

So far, the only money that appears to have exchanged hands amidst all the bickering and squabbling on poker Twitter is the $100 per fake vaccination that the CVS employee is purported to have received.

Whether Reilly decides to take a gamble by accepting Negreanu’s $10k “freeroll” is yet to be seen.

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