Damning Audio Released Makes Mars Look Guilty

December 10, 2023
Mark Patrickson

A damning audio file has been released, purportedly confirming the allegations made by Wesley Fei about the ongoing cheating scandal.

Wesley and Nik Airball recently accused fellow Hustler Casino Live reg Mars of cheating in a private game using a marked deck with UV markings on the backs of the cards.

After a flat out denial from Mars, Wesley revealed that Mars had contacted him to threaten his life if he did not stop the online accusations.

Now, there is a full recording of a 17-minute phone conversation that has been translated from Mandarin Chinese into English, pretty much confirming what Wesley has said.

PokerNews translated the call and promised to release a second part of the file over this weekend.

Mars kicked off with:

"I’m calling you right now to discuss something. It’s not important whether I win or lose, and I want to explain the situation to you. I’ve already talked to the boss about this.

“I don’t want any more overly aggressive actions. I can’t control the boss anymore, and I will come back tonight to meet you at the Luohan Temple and discuss this with you.

"It’s not about how to discuss, just that I don’t understand. There’s no need to escalate this any further. You… because I can’t control it now. I can’t control the boss anymore. Tonight, I’ll come back and meet you to discuss the remaining issues."

He continued by saying that he didn’t care at this point if the call was recorded and released.

And then the conversation moved onto the real nitty gritty of why they wanted Wesley to shut up. It was simply because they had more games to cheat moving forward and Wesley was cramping their style.

"But what about the money owed? The con team also made money, right?

"It's no longer about the money for them now… The money they earned here is not their big money.

"Anyway, I think you shouldn't push them too hard."

That seems to be as damning as you can get. And before any readers think there might be some debate over the ChatGPT translation, multiple 2+2 forum members who speak Mandarin as their native language confirmed the transcript was accurate.

Mars has now deleted his X/Twitter account and returned to China, apparently.

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