Bryn Kenney Declines Doug Polk’s $1 Million Heads-Up Challenge Offer

June 22, 2021
Mark Patrickson

Bryn Kenney and Doug Polk have been going at each other on Twitter, ending with what is fast becoming a standard retort these days: heads-up for rollz; or in this case at least a few million dollars. Sadly, it looks like we won’t get to see Doug Polk coming out of retirement yet again.

Bryn Kenney Offers to Make the Best Training Content

Seemingly unprompted, while wishing all dads a happy fathers day Bryn Kenney took aim at all of the poker training content creators, saying their products are “complete trash” and they probably can’t beat the game anyway.

Doug Polk responded in typical style leading to Kenney saying Polk would never be in the discussion for a best ever in any format of the game, and then the fun started.

After encouraging Polk to go to the WSOP 2021 and crossbook 500% in every event, Kenney tells him that he’s ready to back somebody for up to $5 million for yet another NL heads-up match, while backing away from agreeing to play himself. Even after calling Polk nothing but a marketing guy who sells garbage.

Then Polk hits back with a straight up challenge of his own: “Alright you dimwit, let's go. If I'm a sheep at HUNL this should be EZ. $500/$1000 stakes, 2 tables, 100 bb, 1m each on the side. I would fucking destroy you so lets see what excuses about the meaning of life or w/e you make up.”

Kenney then explains that he’s not willing to play a game that Polk has been studying for the last few months and which has been his speciality for his entire career.

This is actually surprising because only a couple of months ago Kenney was telling Phil Galfond that his $200/$400 challenge offer is too small and not worth his time, suggesting that $2,000/$4,000 is more like it while also accusing him of chickening out against Luke Schwartz.

If Kenney has that kind of money then taking on Polk for much smaller stakes shouldn’t even threaten to make any dent in his bankroll.

And if all this bickering doesn’t amuse you, then check out the replies from Polk’s fans suggesting that Kenney couldn’t beat a $200NL game right now. Whatever you think about him as a man, he is the person with the highest confirmed total winnings in poker of all-time.

For what it’s worth, we’d love to see this match. There’s definitely more real needle between the pair than the mild squabbling between Polk and Daniel Negreanu.

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