Ali Imsirovic Coaching Offer Leads to Accusations of Cheating Ring

May 25, 2023
Mark Patrickson

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Ali Imsirovic has sparked a row in the poker community after publicly offering coaching, leading to ACR CEO Phil Nagy to offer a $100,000 reward to proof of any nefarious activities. As soon as it was known the Bosnian was controlling a ring of players, accusations began to fly about a possible cheating ring.

From Hero to Zero

It’s not that long since Ali Imsirovic was one of the golden boys of poker. But that all changed last year when cheating allegations were made public. Alex Foxen and Chance Kornuth said that it was common knowledge in the high stakes community that he was using real-time assistance (RTA) in online games, although there was no firm proof offered.

Following the fallout from the allegations, Imsirovic and Jake Schindler found themselves banned from all PokerGO events but were allowed to play at the WSOP.

Phil Galfond was one of the first to reply to the news, saying:

“Hopefully, someone will infiltrate & expose his current cheating methods (and not turn evil)”

This prompted Phil Nagy to offer $100,000 of his own money as a reward for any proof that Imsirovic is involved in any cheating.

Matt Berkey stirred the pot by revealing that he has first hand knowledge of people who could provide this proof but for only $100,000 they will never come forward.

“Knowing first hand that there are a lot of people who have this information but won't come forward for the $100k reward makes me wonder what the actual price is for them to break their silence.”

“Lots of rumors floating around that the stable is divided according to shifts; newer guys play early stages, mid stages are for vets, etc, with Ali and Chris Fitz closing out using dream machines... Just heresy though”.

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